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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quantum Shift – April 23, 2014

What is a quantum shift?  The word originated in chemistry to describe the different quantum states an electron moves in and out of while circling the nucleus of an atom.  When a photon of light hits the electron this extra energy lifts it to a higher field of energy.  The electrons can return to a lower energy field and does so by releasing a photon of light.

We have all heard about people making quantum shifts as well.  Someone who was living one life and then decided to be different and aligned their actions with this decision and create an entirely new life.  We all have the potential to make quantum shifts, but do we?

How would making a quantum shift look in your life?  Some of us already have an idea, others have no idea.  What would it take to make the change sustainable?   What is your recipe of success?  How do you best do you?   What would the benefits be for you if you made this change?  For others?

I have designed a program to support people in making radical change in their lives.  It is authentic, from the inside out and incredibly efficient.  If you are someone who has thought about working with me again this would be an amazing way to turbo-charge your process.  You can partner it with a once a week entrainment throughout the program for added traction or use it as a standalone (your choice).  At $75 it is a while lotta bang for your buck.

Here is a short video recorded at our last advanced talk of me outlining the “Triad of Change” (developed by Dr. Donny Epstein)and how we are going to integrate its teachings into our 30 day program.  Lots of wisdom in this short video alone.

Looking forward.

Dr. Norm and his team

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