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Monday, April 7, 2014

Are you ready to Transform?

April is Transform month at The Lifehouse, a month where we ask “Are you ready to transform?”

You Transform your life when you overcome the limiting patterns within you, and reinvent yourself through new insights and actions.

Transformation starts once youve discovered how and where you’ve checked out unintentionally and unconsciously in order to keep your unresolved “stuff out of your awareness.  As you reclaim your personal power, take responsibility for your life, and make necessary changes, you free up tremendous energy to be creative and to do the things in the world that you know you must as a reflection of your authentic nature. 

I ask………

How would taking back your power look in your life?

How can you express more courage, vulnerability and passion right now?
What is on the other side of your limiting thoughts, behaviors and attitudes?
What can you do to never dis-empower yourself like this again?
And most importantly transformation is about action.  We define ourselves by our actions; actions speak louder than words and are our thoughts realized.  You know what you need to do, now do it!
And if you would like greater insights, resources and fuel to propel you towards a transformed you,
join us next Wed April 16th at 7 PM for our free talk on The Season of Transform. 

As always our talks are well attended so please preregister by calling 250-740-0333. 
Have a great week.
Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse

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