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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Season of Discover – March 12, 2014

Ever stop and think, “Gee whiz there must be more to life than this.” 
“I would like to find out why these things keep happening to me.” 
“I wonder what my body is actually trying to tell me.”  
“Will it ever get easier?”

Many people don’t. They live life unconsciously drifting from one day to the next and never develop a deeper understanding or awareness for what is going on and how to participate with life, their community, their purpose more meaningfully.  For these people it is rare that they will ever really move forward.

  By learning to use your perceptions (the way we use our mind, the thoughts we think), our behaviours (the things we do) and the structure of our bodies (posture) and of our lives (schedule, appointments) in a conscious way you can discover deeper meaning, more energy to support your growth and healing to levels far beyond the old.

By learning to change the questions you ask, for instance changing a repetitive question like “Why Me?” which is rarely empowering to “How can I find more safety to experience what is really going on?” will take you incompletely different direction.

 By learning to consciously change your behaviors (like skipping, laughing, or moving even when you don’t feel like it) And by working with the structure of your body and life (like sitting up straight, opening your chest and your heart or making lists) You can discover your own personal recipe of how you do you,and how you do life and how to do it more effectively.


This month we have two special events at the Lifehouse,
on Thursday March 20th from 7 – 8:30 pm
I will be hosting a free talk on the Season of Discover,
in it I will be outlining the consciousness of this season,
will be offering upgrades to questions to assist you in
deeper insight, and as usual it will be filled with personal antidotes,
stories, and other tidbits of wisdom. 

Then on Saturday March 22nd from 1 – 5pm,
please join us for an in depth look at The Season of Discover workshop
as we dive into the Somato Respiratory Integration Breathing Exercises
for the first 4 stages of healing. 
We will be expanding our own understanding of these stages
through my process “The Essence”.
I have plenty more on store for that day, it promises to be an amazing afternoon. 
Investment for this is $50. 
(Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat)


If you would like to register for either of these or for more information please call our studio today.

Have a great week discovering more of you!

Dr. Norm Detillieux

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