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Thursday, March 20, 2014

“Bringing to light something previously unknown” - Discover

Hello Lifehouse Community,

Heather-Lynne here with a special invitation for you. "Discover - Safety, relaxation and ease all live inside of you"

Sometimes I take for granted “words” that I know and use all the time.  Take “Discover” as an example.  I understand the basics of uncovering and revealing something new or unnoticed to the surface.  As I sat in preparation for this month’s Advance Talk – “Season of Discover” Thursday night (tonight, 7pm at the Lifehouse) and the experiential workshop on Saturday (22nd, 1-5pm, $50)…. It was my intention to expand my awareness and be curious.  So I ran a search on to explore other meanings/interpretations of “Discover”. 

 [dih-skuhv-er] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
1. to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown): to discover America; to discover electricity. Synonyms: detect, espy, descry, discern, ascertain,unearth, ferret out, notice.
2. to notice or realize: I discovered I didn't have my credit card with me when I went to pay my bill.
3. Archaic. to make known; reveal; disclose.

Discover, invent, originate suggest bringing to light something previously unknown. To discover may be to find something that had previously existed but had hither tobeen unknown: to discover a new electricity; it may also refer to devising a new use for something already known: to discover how to make synthetic rubber. To invent is to make or create something new, especially something ingeniously devised to perform mechanical operations: to invent a device for detecting radioactivity. To originate is to begin something new,especially new ideas, methods, etc.: to originate a political movement, the use of assembly-line techniques. See also learn

And there it was - “Bringing to light something previously unknown” the link, the light bulb moment if you will… and the connection on another level to chiropractic.  With each entrainment, Dr. Norm is helping you re-connect to your own inner light and in essence “bringing light to something previously unknown (your authentic gifts,potential and expression of more life-force).”

Dr. Donny Epstein, the creator and developer of Network Spinal Analysis and the Somato Respiratory Integration modality maps out the whole healing journey in his book “The 12 Stages of Healing” building around the framework of the seasons in care– Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate.  Discover is the starting point, a foundational element in our healing journey within.  Not always comfortable or easy to ‘be’ with BUT so worthwhile to take the time to tune into and listen to our inner wisdom.

Discover is about one’s connection to energy, breath, movement, touch,emotion and rhythm.  Discover is about being able to encounter the container of the body through safety, understanding and amazement for the possible changes in experience possible in the next moment.  Discover defines one’s movement and limits as well as one’s anchors to tension/stress and to peace/ease.

Encouraging you to invest an evening, tonight, to tune into your inner wisdom in a cooperative, inspiring, lively community setting to build your tools and resources and get the most out of care and your life!

Call to reserve your space 250-740-0333.

Enjoy a beautiful day!
Be well

Heather-Lynne D.

** Please note ** The seasons build on one another - the talk and workshop are prerequisites for next month's "Season of Transform" talk (Wed. April 16th) and workshop (Sat. April 19th).

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