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Thursday, August 15, 2013

"CrossFit Adventures" ~ The Beacon for Aug 15, 2013

Creating Outrageous Vitality : Physical Fitness

Lifehouse Community, join us for this special exclusive evening, co-lead with Katie Weisgerber, local owner and operator of Nanaimo’s only Crossfit facility. The evening will be an interactive experience teaching you one of the key components to creating outrageous vitality.  Bring your running shoes, gym clothes and an open mind, it is going to be a wonderful evening!

Click here to hear about Norm's CrossFit Adventures

Learn the importance of including functional movements which are completely scalable for all sizes and strengths.  

Learn why many people plateau after a short period of similar exercises and how to over come this with “muscle confusion” and constantly varied routines. 

Learn how to work with Wolf’s Law to consciously choose your challenges, so the universe doesn’t do it for you. 

Learn why high intensity interval training is the most talked about and fast growing workout style on the planet and it’s important changes to your youth “ing” process (which combats the aging process).


For more information or to sign up, please contact The Lifehouse Chiropractic studio at 250 740 0333.
Space is limited.

August Upcoming Events

Fri-Sun (16-18)           VIEX (Beban Park - Cliff McNabb Arena)  
                                        - Stop by to say "hello"  
Thursday (22)               Advanced Talk - Physical Fitness/CrossFit  
                                        - 7-8:30 pm
Wednesday (28)        Health Essentials  
                                - 7-8:00 pm

(Preregistration is required for all events.  Please call 250 740 0333)        

"Christmas in July" Update
Thank you for all the wonderful support
Thursday, July 25th
for our Annual Day to Receive, Give Back and Pay it Forward

We raised over $300, collected over 19
milk crates full of
non-perishable food items and 
adjusted over 80 people!!

Thanks again Everyone!
We really appreciate all you do for our community.


Donors were as follows:
Charlie Brown’s
Pipers Meats
Bella Donna Spa
Soul to Sole Spa
Island Naturals
Danielle Dickson
Dr. Norm Detillieux 

Prize Winners included:
Ken M., Jodine B., Kris S., Petra H.
Barry E., Judy W., Karl W., Rhonda B., Signy M., Margaret H.

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