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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Valentina's Fall ~ The Beacon for Nov. 18, 2012

Valentina, a Lifehouse member, is now 5 months old.  And what a sweetheart she is!  Two weeks ago she had a major fall.  While resting on the change table her brother accidentally pulled her off of it.  A fall like this is not uncommon, in fact, The National Child Safety Council says that approximately 50% of children fall head first from a high place during their first year of life.   As common as it is, it is still a very significant experience for a little being to go through.  There was so much for her to process that later that afternoon she was throwing up - resulting in her mom taking her in to the emergency ward.  The attending doctor quickly looked her over and announced that there was nothing broken, her head felt fine and that she would get over it.

The next day Valentina came to our office.  Her stomach had settled, however her neck was completely displaced turned at a 50 degree angle towards her left shoulder.   There was a massive subluxation in the upper part of her spine.  Her mom informed me that she had been in this position all day since the accident.  Upon further examination it was apparent that her skull bones had misaligned as well, putting pressure onto her brain.  A gentle adjustment and her neck subluxation resolved itself by 80%, and on the next visit completely resolved and her cranial bones regained their natural cranial pulse restoring the flow of fluid to her developing brain.

I couldn’t help but think, "What would have happened if she had not been adjusted?"   I have met many children who were struggling with ear infections, who were recommended to have tubes put in their ears, a rather common procedure for children now a days.  With each of these children when I have assessed them I have found a subluxation in the upper part of the neck in the same area that Valentina was subluxated.  And with each of these children after a series of adjustments they were no longer challenged by recurrent ear infections.   Also recognizing that the cranial fluid is the only way the brain nourishes itself, proper nourishment is essential to optimal growth and development of the brain. 

Although children falling on their heads, having regular ear infections and having less than optimal mental function are all common they are by no means ideal.   The truth is, children live a high impact, high stressed life, just because they don’t tell you they have a headache doesn’t mean they don’t need an adjustment.  To ensure your children and the children of your loved ones are growing up to be the best that they can be have their nervous system checked today!

For a healthier and brighter community tomorrow,

Dr. Norm
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