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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Permission Slip ~ The Beacon for Nov. 8, 2012

It is undeniable that your lifestyle, (including how you nourish your body with the foods you eat, your amount of physical activity, the thoughts you think and whether you get adjusted or not) is by far the leading cause or preventative factor for all lifestyle diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and obesity.  Knowing this and then taking responsibility for this leaves you accountable for your health which may come as a great relief and for others may be disappointing.  Regardless, it is the truth.  You are ultimately responsible for your own health.  
I find it fascinating to witness people who have and are continuing to live unhealthy lives who go to their doctor with a concern.  Perhaps it is that they have had a minor heart attack, have diabetes or are suffering from depression.  The typical visit includes a physical assessment, lab work and other diagnostic findings followed by a short discussion and then the doctor writes on his or her white pad, a 'permission slip', a prescription for a drug that gives permission to that individual to continue living their unhealthy lifestyle.  So many people leave that visit feeling relived that the doctor found what was wrong and has determined which drug will cure them.   They have just been granted permission to continue living the same unhealthy life that they have been living.  Very convenient isn’t it?
Unfortunately, nature is not as permissive as our doctors.  Over time those symptoms will return as the body will adapt to it’s unhealthy environment, becoming more determined to intensify it’s adaptative response (like having high blood pressure when we are stressed), growing immune to the medication or will begin to express other side effects from the toxic load of this new drug.   Remember that nature always has the final word and nature cannot be cheated.  We must learn to live in balance and harmony with nature as we are part of nature.  Health is the result of this.  Disease is an indication that we are out of balance with nature.  Symptoms are the bodies cry to make a change.  To wake-up to our choices.  Whether you get permission from your doctor or not, it is as simple as that.
Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse Team

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