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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Human Animal ~ The Beacon for Jan 12, 2012

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I have recently been reading an amazing text book called “The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm” by a Victoria chiropractor Dr. James Chestnut.  James has an amazing ability of compiling masses of contemporary research and then communicating it in an easy to read format.  I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about researched based healthy living.

One of the topics that he wrote about and a question often asked at the Lifehouse is “What role do genes play in our health?”   Most people believe that genes are a primary cause of disease.  This has been an idea touted by many medical experts.  If you are someone who is interested in learning about genes and their role in health than please read on.

Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis have risen exponentially in the past 100 years.  So much so they are now killing 80 percent of our population.  To put that in perspective the Black Plague killed 30 percent of the population!  Recently much attention has been given to the possibility that genes may be the cause of these diseases.  However there is some basic information to realize that this is simply not true.

Over the past 100 years although chronic illness has skyrocketed how much have our genes changed?  The answer is very little.  So if our genes have changed very little why all of a sudden do we now have all these diseases that are apparently caused by faulty genes? 

In the mid 80’s headline news showed picture of 1,000s of fish, many with large tumors, being washed to shore in the great lakes.  Since that time many more species have become extinct and many more are at risk.  Do you ever hear a scientist or reporters blaming these deaths on the animal’s faulty genes?  Why do we see that animals are dying because of their environment and humans because of their genes?  The reality is that humans are animals and we live according to the same natural laws as all the other animals of the world. 

But some of you may argue, “Well how come I have the same disease as my father or my cousin has, doesn’t that mean it is genetic?”  How much of your lifestyle is the same as your fathers or your cousins?  Chances are that you eat much the same, think much the same and act much the same.  Chronic diseases are lifestyle diseases. 

“We are sick because we have changed our lifestyle patterns away from what our species requires to genetically express health and toward what causes us to genetically express chronic illness,”  Dr. James Chestnut.

This is great news for the individual as it places you in charge of your health.  No longer do you have to live in fear or in hope of having good or bad genes, health is not up to chance, you are responsible for it.  Know that you are the difference between good health and bad health by the lifestyle choices you make.   When making your choices ask yourself “Is this something my genetics would agree with?  Is this something that my ancestors would have done?  Is this something that an animal would do?”  And if you wouldn’t feed it to your dog don’t eat it yourself.  If it is good to take your dog for a regular walk, it is just as good to take yourself for a walk as well!

Living as animals do,
Yours in Health
Dr. Norm

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  1. What good advice I get every time from your posts Doctor Norm!! So helpful!! I was just thinking today about how much habits have changed... for example I realize how much I drive every day to and from work, to my friends house, to the grocery store, to the bank, to the grocery store again for the thing i forgot the first time... that is a whole lot of sitting and staring at the road. It not only gets tough on the spine but on energy levels as well... I at least try to look at the beautiful trees as they wizz by or wave to the passing cars and smile at their drivers while singing along to hard core metal rap!... just kidding about that last part... but music does make the car ride much more enjoyable... :) But it would be even more enjoyable if I could listen to music while riding my bike to all of those locations! I would have the most incredible leg and butt muscles!! :D