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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating The Rhythm of Another Year ~ The Beacon for Dec. 22, 2011

One of the most frequent complaints that I hear at this time of year is, “I am just so busy, I have no time for myself.”  People are zooming from one engagement to another, baking, cooking, wrapping and visiting.  Oh it is holiday season again!  And away we go.

Historically this time of year was celebrated for being a time of change, a turning point.  The longest night of the year was being replaced by expanding daylight.  Ancients built large ritual sites to track this sacred time of year, with Stonehenge being the most famous.  Religiously, most see this time as a highlight in their religious celebrations.  For Christianity, it is the birth of the Savior; new age people, the rebirth of the Christ within; for the Jewish, Hanukkah is observed by lighting candles.  Both historically and religiously this is a time of rebirth, a time of rekindling our inner light.

For me, personally I love this time of year.  I can feel the ending of a cycle, the joy of a year passing, the desire for time of reflection.  The death of one year means the birth of another, so this also offers a wonderful time to begin fresh, to regroup, refocus, restart, and realign.  I encourage you all to defy the standard cultural hysterics and material driven marketing frenzy, and find time to reflect, acknowledge yourself and your successes, acknowledge those in your life that are special to you, and get clear on the year ahead.  It truly is a most wonderful time of year.

Last year one of the brief reflection exercises I completed, (it only took about two hours), was journaling the story line of each of the past twelve months.  I also noted the challenges, the gifts and the lessons.  What a gift this time offered, slowing down and seeing my whole year in a snap shot, accepting the challenges, blessing the gifts, and reaping the lessons.  I encourage you to do the same, or do a process in your own way to mark the rhythm of a year passing and a new one beginning.

We have attached for you a reflective health journal with this article. I encourage each of you, whether you are currenly under care at The Lifehouse or not, to work through it.

We have had a successful response to our Gifts of Health campaign with many candles added to our Lifehouse Gifts of Health Tree.  We’ve also included a printable attachment of 2 Gifts of Health you can put in your wallet over the next few weeks. You may just meet someone who will appreciate that you care enough to share this gift with them.

Until next time may you celebrate the gifts of the season, the joy of being alive and the love that is inherent to all.  Be true to yourself.  Care for your body as the temple it is.  And remember the joy is in the giving and it’s okay to give to yourself as well.  I thank you all for being in my life, for reading our regular Beacons and for being the change that the world needs.

Dr. Norm, Heather and Melanie

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