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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walk the Talk ~ The Beacon for May 24, 2011

This past Thursday I had the good fortune of listening to Jane Moxam’s presentation “Walk the Talk” as our third evening of the Innate Intensive.  What a heralding story it was.  Jane opened her heart and shared her personal story of how she reshaped her body and her life one step at a time.  Jane you certainly are walking the talk and at the same time inspiring so many people to do the same.

So what does it take to walk the talk?  Well the first thing is that you need to know what you stand for.  What is your talk?  Get clear on what it is that rings true to your heart, what you are all about and what drives you to get out of bed in the morning.  This reminds me of the age old adage “You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything”.   It is much easier to float through life bouncing from idea to idea, new fad to new fad, like a ship lost at sea.  As you get clear on what you stand for distill it down to 3-5 main ideas or core principles that you can stand on.   These core principles will act as a rudder giving you direction and purpose to your life.

Once you are clear on what your talk is than you can start living your life from this place - living one moment at a time, one step at a time, aligning your walk with your talk.  For me nothing is more inspirational than meeting someone who is in integrity mind, body and spirit.  To see firsthand someone whose insides match their outsides and who is truly walking their talk.

As you are learning to walk your talk, just as any child who is learning to walk, you may slip and fall from time to time.  Imagine that same child who is learning to walk, it would seem bizarre to have them throw their arms up in the air in defeat and say, “I am a failure I give up I am going to crawl for the rest of my life or do something else, this is not what I want to do.”  No, they simply dust their knees off and get up and try again.  They learn from their mistakes helping them become competent walkers that they really want to be.   Falling is part of the learning process.  It doesn’t mean that you need to talk a different talk, or walk a different walk; it just means that you have fallen.  Get back up, dust off your knees and try it again.  What counts is the number of times you get back up, not the bumps along the way.  Remember to be gentle with your own rhythm and celebrate each success… (as small as they seem in the moment) for they all build on one another towards realizing your goal.

If you would like to contact Jane to learn more about her programs you can contact her at 250-585-3728 or visit

Until next time may you clarify your talk and then place one foot in front of the other as you learn to walk your talk!

All the best,

Dr. Norm

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