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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Health is a series of choices ~ The Beacon for February 22, 2011

Many people believe that disease is due to bad luck, bad genes or bad germs.  This is not true.  For the most part it is not their fault to have these beliefs as the prevailing health authorities are encouraging us to think this way.  This is bad science.  As science shows that the most significant impact on our health is our lifestyle choices.  Disease is predominantly due to bad choices not bad genes, bad germs or bad luck. 

But you might argue “My mom had the same disease that I was just diagnosed with”.  Or “My neighbour’s son has the same disease his father has”.   Yes diseases may run in the family but so do lifestyle choices.  Let’s face it - where do most of our lifestyle choices come from anyways? - Our parents.   Many of us eat like our parents, think similar thoughts to our parents and whether we exercise or not exercise is generally the same way as our parents.    Genes are merely the templates that the body gets to choose from.  How the body develops itself is the genetic potential.  Is there range in that potential?  Is there a variance of which genes get activated and which ones lay dormant? - You betcha.

This generation is the first generation that has a lower life expectancy than the previous generation.
This is the first time in human history that this will ever happen.  Let’s face it humans are the sickest species on the planet.  We have more heart disease, more cancer, more suicides, and more preventable illness than any other species on the planet.   For the most part it has only been in the last 50 years that our disease rates have been dramatically increasing.  Is this because our genes have all of a sudden been deteriorating?    Or has there been a massive change in our lifestyle?
The down side to this conversation is that you are responsible for your own health.  The upside to this story is that you are responsible for your own health.   Knowing this can either be a burden or completely empower you.  Guess the choice is yours.

Empowering you to make healthy choices.
Dr. Norm

Here are a couple of links about children of this generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than the previous generation.

1 comment:

  1. I very much enjoy "The Beacon"
    I feel excited to read it each time i see it in my box

    Wondering about what you just wrote
    Are we bad for making the wrong choices?
    Something about us being sinners and deserving to be punished that I get from what you wrote
    I imagine that cancer for instance has to do with other people's choices by polluting the environment

    I am attracted to being concerned about the choices i make to get well and not so much the choices I may or may not have made that made me ill.
    I am attracted to a world where we drop the blame and the duality