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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Transition Ceremony and Conscious Language Intro Event

Before we get to this week’s article “Good is the Enemy of the Great” in the next post below, please take a moment to book your calendar for The Lifehouse Transition Ceremony and Danielea Castell’s Conscious Language Intro.

Thursday Sept 23rd 6:20pm
Transition Ceremony for The Lifehouse on Fitz (6:30-7)

We’re inviting all those who would like to share in the transition from Fitzwilliam to Jingle Pot by taking part in our closing ceremony.  The Lifehouse is going from good to great, as we graduate our community to our very own space! Last day of service on Fitzwilliam is Thursday Sept 23rd and we’ll have an official transition ceremony after our last adjustments.  Please arrive between 6:15 and 6:30, ceremony is 6:30 to 7pm.

We invite you to gift a sacred object to bless the transition (indoor or outdoor plants, rock, crystal, etc). The objects will then travel to the new location and be utilized in the space somehow. (We open up for service from Jinglepot Monday Sept 27th) The ceremony is followed up by an intro to a powerful way of using your words...

FREE Intro to Conscious Language™ with Danielea Castell  (7-8:15)

Do your WORDS agree with what you
desire to manifest for yourself, your family
and your community?

Language is powerful. What we say matters – turns into ‘matter’. Where there used to be a delay on our words, we can now manifest within days, hours and sometimes minutes of thinking, feeling and saying something.  

Discover the effect your language is having on your life.  Come to a fun informative introduction to Conscious Language™ tools and technologies. Learn why they are so effective in supporting you in manifesting, sustaining, and enjoying your heart's highest desires.

Meet Language of Mastery™ Instructor Danielea Castell who discovered her life mission and manifested a ‘miracle’ with her Mother by using the power of her spoken word. Meet Robert Tennyson Stevens in a short DVD presentation, the funny, charismatic and brilliant developer of these powerful self-coaching tools. Visit  and read more about Danielea and her upcoming weekend training on Oct. 2 & 3 at the NEW Lifehouse Studio.
Danielea Castell is a certified Language of Mastery™ and Yoga of the Voice™ Instructor offering One Conscious Voice weekend trainings. Danielea is a skillful facilitator with a deep commitment to voice empowerment and a long-time practice member of the Lifehouse.  She is excited and honoured to co-lead a gratitude transition ceremony with Dr. Norm before the Conscious Language™ Intro on Sept. 23. Danielea can be reached:
Danielea Castell, Singer Songweaver, Facilitator Coach 250-740-0946

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