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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Is The Enemy of The Great

There is a time in our journey when we reach a place of being good.  Where things settle, comfort emerges, and survival is certain.  With being good also brings a tendency to soften, to let off the gas, for us to settle.  For many, being good becomes the enemy of their rise to their full greatness.  Being great is far beyond just being good.  Being great is not common in our society, it is not easy, and it does take diligence and perseverance.   Being good leaves memories that pass with time; being great leaves a legacy.  

Just as good can be the enemy of being great, comfort can be the enemy of health.  I have seen on many cases in working with people that we help them heal to a level where things settle, comfort emerges and survival is certain; where the symptoms that once haunted them are no longer the driving force to make change.  They too, soften, let off the gas and resume living life with the same lifestyle habits that they had before.  Comfort can be the enemy of true health.  True health is not common in our society and it does take diligence and perseverance.  Comfort leaves the individual at ease; true health radiates out, bringing those around us to ease creating a legacy of health.

It is important for us to realize that symptoms are typically the last to surface and the first to disappear.  What we mean by this is that it takes a long time for ill health to build before symptoms develop.  And the reverse is true as well.  When we heal, symptoms are typically the first to disappear.  But just because the symptoms disappear does not mean that you are fully healed.  After the symptoms disappear the body is just beginning to rebuild itself, strengthening and stabilizing, increasing its flexibility and adaptability, tissue will repair on a deep cellular level, core healing will also follow.  From there optimization and wellness follow where your body will reach a level of health you previously have never reached.    This step beyond symptoms is a critical transition.  No longer do people have the symptoms that tell them they need chiropractic care, but they want their care to continue because they want to be truly healthy and firing fully on all cylinders, through their entire life.  

So this lifetime you have a choice.  Do you want to be good, or do you want to be great?  Do you just want to be comfortable or do you want to be truly healthy?

The choice is yours!

Firing on all cylinders,
Dr. Norm

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