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Friday, August 20, 2010

Much Thanks to You Chiropractic

 As many of you know I have recently begun scheduling every third Wednesday a month off as a professional development day.  On these days I travel to Vancouver where we have a large Chiropractic gathering of close to 100 chiropractors, who bring in some of the most inspiring and informative teachers in our field to speak. This has also given me the opportunity to make it to Vancouver to be adjusted by a couple of extraordinary Chiropractors on a more regular basis to compliment my current ongoing care here in Nanaimo.  I would like to share with you a little of my last adjustment on Wednesday.
I had the good fortune of being adjusted by both Dr. Kevin Ehl and Dr. Jay Lepp in Port Moody.  Their work is extraordinary and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to receive what I offer in my practice on a daily basis - Pure Chiropractic is so powerful!  During one of my adjustments I could feel layers upon layers of stress being released.  I could feel old energy moving through me, finally, energy which I had been holding on to for quite some time, layers peeling off like layers off an onion.  During the adjustment my sinuses opened and released three times; mucus pouring out of my nostrils.  As the work continued, I felt lightness filling my being… I simply felt lighter, and I am certain in many ways I was.   This lightness began to enter my emotional body as a big smile travelled through my entire being.  I could feel my body open, I could feel my energy open, I could literally see my nerve system start to grow again.  The smile changed to deep gratitude as this feeling translated into a deep knowing of how this 20 minutes of my life was helping to evolve me as a human forever. 
Dr. Norm Adjusting At The Lifehouse
 Once you really get the big idea and then you feel it happening inside yourself it is SO humbling to experience.   I am very grateful to have been introduced to this most powerful art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic.  Feeling myself heal, feeling myself open, feeling myself evolve and transform is the greatest feeling I have ever had.  Giving myself this time and care is such a gift. 
 During the adjustment I also recognized that these changes weren’t going to just affect me, there were going to make me a better person, a better chiropractor, and a better partner.  The gift that keeps on giving!  My smile got bigger, and soon my joy evolved into childlike giggles, my entire being overflowing with gratitude.  My chiropractor then tapped me on the back, thanked me and let me know that I was done.  The giggles turned into appreciation for the doctor for being the clear vessel that he is for delivering such a pure and purposeful adjustment.  I immediately jumped to my feet, gave him a hug and without thinking, kissed him on his feet in appreciation.  A gesture that was inspired deep from within, one that afterwards feels goofy to share about, but one that was so divinely right in the moment.   And the appreciation that I felt was little to the man who delivered the adjustment, and mostly (we both would agree) to the principle and practice of Chiropractic coming through him.  And this was just the start of my day, it only got better from there…
Chiropractic I am so deeply touched by your profound impact in my life and in the lives of the millions of people that you touch.  Thank you for your healing presence in my life.  And thank you community for affording me the time to make it to my professional development days on a regular basis.  I know that we are all better for it.
With gratitude,
Dr. Norm

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  1. Dr. Norm, thanks for the wonderful share of your adjustment. I one day soon hope to have even a tiny slice of your joyful experience. I saw some of that joy on your face on Thursday when in the studio.
    You descrip it like it is Heaven on earth!