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Friday, August 6, 2010

Here is what some of our clients are saying about their experiences:

I mentioned to you that I found last night (SRI Workshop) very effective in providing me with some new tools to assist me into better health. I have been working on my health for so long, with exercise, good nutrition but seem to be treading water and not reaching my goals.
      Working with Dr. Norm is a benefit to me so far! I think that I mentioned it (chiropractic) might be the missing link in the thank you, to Alita, Heather and Dr. Norm for providing that nurturing space that one needs to fulfill that basic need to allow healing.


  1. Debra, you are making a lot of progress and are supporting yourself, by clearing your body's communication system, to reach your goals. Keep listening to your body to fine tune your nutrition and physical movement as you heal, renew and grow, and enjoy being your best!

  2. Congratulations Dr. Norm and Heather on your new home!

    I am sincerely happy for you both and know that you'll be up to the challenges of home ownership and a home-based business.

    Cheers :)

  3. I am so thrilled to have the Lifehouse family in my life! You have created the safest and most nurturing environment for change and healing. I always know that there is unconditional love and support no matter what state I am in when I arrive!!

    Dr. Norm, you set such a good example of what can be accomplished when we are properly aligned physically and with our purpose on this planet. I love that you walk the talk. As a result you were able to manifest the Lifehouse with all the wonderful people who come there, and your ideal new home.

    Through your adjustments, caring, and Alita's words of wisdom this week, I am trusting that finding the new location for The Green Store will be as effortless as your move.

    Congratulations to each of you.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday,

  4. Thank you Jacquie and Susana! We appreciate your kind words of support! Thank you for sharing about chiropractic and our office both here and with so many who have benefited, mind and body, from being more connected to their innate ability to be healthy. A community of people who are aligned and well creates a world of difference! We appreciate being on your health team!

  5. Thank you Alita, for your supportive words.
    I agree with Susana, you are caring and supportive no matter what state I arrive in!

    Dr. Norm, you do walk the talk!
    Love it!