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Monday, October 6, 2014

What would your life be like if you lived free of interference? - Oct. 6th, 2014

To begin with let us establish a couple of truths.  Inside you is your innate intelligence.  This innate intelligence is perfect in its expression.  It is the wisdom that coordinates all or your 70 trillion cells all living in perfect order.  It also provides surveillance amongst the 700 trillion viruses and bacteria inside your body allowing the good to remain and destroying the bad before they take over.    Your innate intelligence grows your hair, replenishes the lining of your stomach and renews your blood all day, every day.  Wow is your innate ever incredible!  

This same innate is also the wisdom that helped you learn to speak, learn how to pronounce words, form sentences, read and write.  It is the same wisdom that helped you learn to walk, run and ride a bicycle.   It is the part of you that provides you your intuition, your gut feelings, helping you know your own truth.   Innate is also unique to you in that you have special skills, your own talents; you have gifts that no one else on the planet has.  Yes, your innate is very, very incredible.

Unfortunately your innate can get blocked, just like a river’s flow can be reduced with a beaver dam, dead log and litter.  When your life stresses rise higher than your ability to handle and manage them innate communication is also reduced.  Falls, accidents, injuries, poor diet and an overwhelming workload all interfere with your body’s innate ability to fully express itself and disease ensues.   This also happens when your ego mind interferes with your innate wisdom within.  Judgement, negative self talk, insecurities all interfere with your innate expression and a life of mediocrity results.

Chiropractic is your gateway to previously unexpressed human potential. “ DD Palmer

The chiropractic adjustment removes interference so you can live in tune with your innate.

Imagine just for a second what your life would be like if you lived free from interference.  If you lived with your life channels fully open, your light turned on so bright.  Think of what you could accomplish, who you could inspire and what more you could feel in your life. How would it affect the way you speak to yourself, your spouse, your family, co-workers and strangers?  What would be new and different?  Instead of just coping through your day... you could be vibrant, alive and bright.  Imagine the possibilities!  Why settle for less than you deserve?  

Give us a call and we’ll help you reconnect to your innate potential with a very precise adjustment to clear those blockages.  Cheering you on to be the Best you – you can be!

Dr. Norm

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