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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gifts of the Spine – Why the Spine Part 2

Last week we began our discussion on why your spine and nerve system are so important by looking at their vital role in providing structure for the rest of the body, being the function between the brain and the body and the body and the brain, and by being the main meridian of energy that flows through us.

This week we will dive further into the next three “Gifts of Your Spine”.
  1. Emotions. In 1997 Candice Pert wrote a landmark book which outlined her pioneering research in mind body medicine, Molecules of Emotion (an interesting note is that Network Spinal Analysis is one of the mind body approaches she discusses). Her research demonstrated the connection between the emotions and the nervous system. She found that the highest density of neuoreceptors for the tiny neuropeptides of emotions (the molecules of emotion) are found in the dorsal root of the spinal cord. Common sense tells us a similar story. Imagine someone upset and look at the shape of their spine. Now imagine someone happy and look at the shape of their spine. By changing the shape of your spinal cord, and therefore of your spine, you are changing the receptivity of your molecules of emotion!

  2. Perception. Essentially everything that you perceive is integrated through your nervous system. Recognize that all of your senses: hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell are first received by your special sense organs, then relayed through nerves, and then computed in your brain. Feeling where your body is in space and balancing your body is also computed through your nerve system. This is the hard science. We can also assume that your nerve system is also involved in your extra sensory perception and intuition. BJ Palmer the developer of chiropractic spoke at great length about listening to that quite voice from within. In his words, this was his innate, which is understood to be communicated through… you guessed it, your nerve system. Your nerve system is the communication highway for your perceptions. The clearer the highway, the clearer your perceptions. Subluxations, distortions of the nerve system, are like panes of stained glass. They filter the actual facts of your experiences through your perceptions of yourself, your life, your environment, etc, and create your perceived experiences. Many of you experience this after an adjustment, “I don’t know what it is, the world just seems brighter”.

     Better keep yourself clean and bright.
    You are the window through which you must see the world.
    – George Bernard Shaw

  3. Flexibility/Adaptability. Your nervous system being what perceives all of your life is also what allows you to adapt to and integrate life. When you are able to take in all that life offers you, these experiences are just that, life experiences. This is what people often call “good stress”. If your nerve system does not have the capability to integrate all of your life, either because it is too much or because of what the experience is, these life experiences become a stress, and the energy of them gets trapped inside your body. Ouchh! Think of a straight metal rod, how much give does it have, how adaptable is it?

    Now imagine a rod that is bent with a nice curve in it, think how much more adaptable and flexible it is, this is why the shocks in your car are a coil not a rod. The same is true for your spine, think of someone who is rigid and resistant, look at the curve of their spine. Now imagine someone who is flexible and able to adapt to life, look at the shape of their spine.

Wow you are amazing! Isn’t your nerve system incredible? It really is the core of who you are; your core essence. No wonder your creator put it in safe keeping right in the middle of your body behind such a perfect protective column.

Celebrating the wonders of you,

Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse conscious community

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