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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reorganizational Healing

On Thursday June 19th we will be presenting our next advanced talk, "Reorganizational Healing".  Reorganizational Healing is the meta model as created by Dr. Donald Epstein.  To get you started with some of the wisdom of this talk I have outline the difference between Reorganizational Healing vs. Therapeutic Treatments or what could be described as healing vs curing.   As always our advanced talks are well attended and well received.  If your innate says that you should be here, let us know ASAP. Enjoy.

Healing is our goal.  Healing is an intimate and integrative process that encompasses every aspect of our being – the entire spectrum of our existence. Healing has little to do with the removal of symptoms. Healing is tuning into innate intelligence within the body and asking ‘what can I do to support my healing now and create fertile ground for my health to flourish?’  The result being a greater experience of wholeness, wellness and soundness.

Curing on the other hand, sees the cause of illness and health outside of us, and implies that someone is trying to eliminate our  disease, symptom, or crisis, most commonly through medication, surgery,  psychotherapy, or other modalities.

“Healing is basically the result of putting right our wrong relation to our body, to other people and to our own complicated minds, with emotions and instincts at war with one another and not properly understood and accepted by what we call “I” or “ me”.  The process is one of reorganization, re-integration, of things which have come apart.”       ~ Laurence J. Bendit, Psychiatrist


Curing gives your power away.
Curing is number based, conforms to others.
Curing involves an attempt to control our internal and external environments.
Curing seeks to label effects (not the causes) of disease, place blame and give explanations and excuses for undesirable experiences.


Healing leaves in its wake a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and empowerment.
Healing considers our uniqueness.  
Healing involves surrendering control of our inner and outer experiences.
Healing promotes wholeness, an uninhibited expression of natural rhythms and unprovoked forgiveness.

One cannot fight darkness,
One must turn on light.
One cannot fight disease,
One must turn on life.

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