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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Gateways, Oscilators, Entrainments... Oh My!"

OhmyGoodness!!! - What an exciting time to be in the Lifehouse space 

to participate in a talk or have an entrainment!! 
Having just returned from an intensive and transformational few days 
with Dr. Donny Epstein (developer of Network Spinal Analysis and 
the Somato Respiratory system) in Colarado, 
Dr. Norm, Danielle and I are so lit up and inspired about NSA and the care at the Lifehouse 
and we want to share the power of an entrainment.

What is NSA you ask? 
What is a gateway? 
An entrainment? How does an oscilator fit in? 
How can you get more out of your sessions here at the Lifehouse?? 
Why would you want to focus on your breath or energy?

Curiosity piqued? Join us Thursday night, February 20th at the Lifehouse 7pm 
for a fascinating and in depth look answering the above questions and many more.

Bonus Entrainment set this Friday - February 21st.
Call to book today 250-740-0333

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