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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Are You Entraining To?

What Are You Entraining To?

For years we have been offering you quality chiropractic care at the Lifehouse and one of the most common things I have heard is, "You are not like other chiropractors."  While others have just referred to the work that I do as “magic”.   

As a traditionalist I have used the term “adjustment” to describe the low force application that I use.  As much as I wanted to honour my roots as a chiropractor I have come to the realization that using more appropriate terminology would help our clients better understand and appreciate the work they are engaging in.

Medical Doctors:
Treat = Attempt to suppress or eradicate symptoms and disease.

Traditional Chiropractors:
Adjust = correcting subluxations by realigning the spine and nerve system.

Network Chiropractors:
Entrain = getting in sync with rhythms.

You are familiar with the properties of entrainment.  Woman who live in the same house have their menstrual cycles entrain.  Mom and baby’s heart beats entrain to one another.  If a still tuning fork is brought into a room where another tuning fork is vibrating - it will begin to resonate too.  Entrainment is a natural process which occurs between two or more rhythmic cycles.

During your next entrainment allow yourself to entrain to your breath, entrain to the natural movements of your spine and entrain to your life force.  This drives a process of reorganization in which your brain has the opportunity to better assess the relationship and alignment of your spinal bones and neurological structures and create an appropriate change from the inside out!

Celebrating our uniqueness, mine and yours
Dr. Norm

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