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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pain: Friend or Foe ~ The Beacon for Mon, Feb 11, 2013

Is a headache a normal or an abnormal body response?  Most of us would say it’s an abnormal body response.  Commercials for pain pills state the following: “Tell your headache to take a powder.  This is strong medicine for strong pain.  This delivers twice the pain medicine in half the time.”  All brag of their ability to get rid of the pain.   What about the cause of the pain?

Guyton’s textbook of Medical Physiology defines the purpose of pain as follows:

                        Pain is a protective mechanism for the body;  it occurs whenever
                        any tissues are being damaged and causes the individual to react
                        reflexively to remove the pain stimulus.

Pain then is a normal body function.  It is the body’s way of informing us that something is wrong.

If we are concerned with only feeling better often we are moved to suppress, combat or alleviate any circumstance, situation, or awareness that alters the way we are
accustomed to living our life.  We begin to take painkillers and antidepressants or distract ourselves with addictions like gambling, food, sex, drugs and shopping which in the short term may offer some relief but soon after we will return to feeling empty or having more pain than we did before.

Healing does not always mean that we will feel better.  We cannot heal what we cannot feel, and healing often requires us to feel things that we don’t like feeling.  If we believe the myth that “healing means feeling better,” then feeling better becomes our objective instead of simply feeling what our bodymind must feel in order to heal and evolve.

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Dr. Norm Detillieux

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