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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to Health in 2013 ~ The Beacon for Jan. 10, 2013

Back to Health in 2013

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This is a great time of year to reflect and acknowledge the accomplishments of last year and also to look ahead to the year in front of us and get clear.  To support you with this we have put together a number of questions to help you gain perspective and to kick start 2013 into a healthy, abundant, outrageously vital year.

If you are wanting to take this to the next level please join me for our upcoming Advanced Health Essentials Talk "2013 Rocks" where I will walk you through a number of processes to help build clarity of your values, how to link them to your health, and help you set goals for your health for 2013.  The workshop will be here at the studio on Thursday, January 24th from 7-8:30 pm.  Preregistration is required as there well be a short package of information that you will be asked to complete prior to the talk.

What were your top three health successes of 2012?

Were you satisfied with the progress of your health last year?  Why or why not?

I encourage you to conduct an inventory of your life.  What would you let go of which no longer serves you?

What do you really want in your life?  What are you seeking in your life?

What are your top three health goals/focus for 2013?

Imagine, now that you have achieved (the goal above), how do you feel now?

How could you change the structure of your environment to support your health goals?

What new perspectives, thoughts or beliefs would support these health goals?

What three actions steps could you take today that would support these health goals?

What healthy reward could you give yourself for achieving your goals?

Do you have a health and wellness budget plan for 2013?  What does or could it look like?

What is the first chapter of Creating Outrageous Vitality (available at the Lifehouse) that you are going to start with?

Cheering you on to be the best You, you can be!

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