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Friday, April 13, 2012

Listening to Innate ~ The Beacon for April 13, 2012

It is becoming increasingly evident to me when most people talk about listening to Innate, what they really mean is that they are listening to pain.   Listening to pain and listening to Innate are actually two very different things.  Pain is the most obvious signal from our bodies.  Yes pain is instructive and is valuable for us to listen to.  Most often pain is a message from within that we are out of balance, out of alignment, that we need to make a change.  In these instances pain is a message that we are disconnected or disconnecting from Innate.  Sometimes pain is a result of change, of healing, of growth and is actually a good sign, as an example, as our bodies realign or we work out at the gym for extended periods.  Pain often accompanies growth, a very important fact to realize because if our whole goal is to avoid pain our lives would become increasingly small. 

Messages of pain most often are indicators that something is wrong.

Messages from Innate are guiding you to what is right.

Messages from Innate always bring with them a feeling of peace, of ease and of openness.  They tend to put a smile on our face.  There is often a sense of coming home, of everything falling into place when we hear them.   Messages from Innate tend to be quiet in nature, different from the messages from Ego which are demanding and loud.  Learning to listen to Innate is a refined art.  We must learn to quiet our minds and go within.  As we do our lives will blossom to be the grand masterpieces that they are intended to be.  Learning to listen to innate takes practice and discipline as much of the outside world is trying to take us away from Innate.  These are only hooks and distractions trying to pull you away from source.  As you do go inward and listen you will cultivate your inner guru a friend like no other who is there as chief steward of your life.
Remember you will go within or you will go without.

Innately yours,
Dr. Norm

Announcing our Second Annual - 30 Day Innate Intensive

Starting Wednesday, May 2nd with a kick-off talk and party at the Lifehouse
followed by four weeks of support and intentional living. 

If you want to cultivate your connection with innate, to surround yourself with other connected people and to create focus and ritual this will be for you! 
Watch for further details to come.

Call 250 740 0333 to reserve your seat

Upcoming Events:
Level 1 SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) – Thurs. April 19th 7-10 pm $30
Health Essentials talk – Thurs. April 26th 7-8:30 pm - Free
30 Day Innate Intensive – May 2012

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