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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Yourself ~ the Beacon for Nov. 24, 2011

Over the past two months we have witnessed what is now the largest global rally for any one cause ever.  Occupy Wall Street has spread like wild fire across the world.  It is no surprise.  I believe that each one of us have a sense that something needs to change and needs to change quickly.  For many I see fingers being pointed solely at the high level CEOs and “banksters” as being the ones to blame, which is easy to do at times like this.  Taking a larger look, I think you will see what is happening is merely the reflection of where we are investing our time and resources into the systems we have been using and upon that reflection sensing a need to reorganize into something greater.

Right now the three major industries in the United States are:
1) War 
2) Wall Street /Commerce 
3) Pharmaceuticals

I would hardly see these three as being vibrant choices for a healthy future.  But the problems aren’t just happening below the border.  Here in Canada 49% of your tax dollars are being spent on the medical system.    And are we getting healthier?  No, in fact this is the first generation of humans where our children have a lower life expectancy than their parents!   Our health and lifestyle practices are leaving us very unhealthy.   In fact adverse effects to prescription medications now rank as the third leading cause of death in Canada!  Please hear me correctly - I am not blaming medical doctors, I have a number of good friends who are MDs one being my sister-in-law, and I have a great deal of respect for what they do.  But the truth is, we as a community are misusing, abusing and overusing drugs and surgery.  And most MDs and nurses would agree with me.   It is easy to point our fingers at someone out there and see them as the problem, but a more responsible approach is to recognize that each one of us has a part in the greater whole.

This brings me to the fundamental issue I believe is occurring right now on the planet.  It is clear that our practices of trying to manipulate, control and overpower nature are not working.   The reality is we are part of nature and we must learn to work with nature.  This includes both our external and internal environments.   We must give birth to a society that is based in a vitalistic paradigm where we recognize and appreciate the inherent intelligence in all things.  Life is sacred and must be respected.  Living our lives in natural order is essential for the survival of our species as an individual and as a collective.  The change begins within.   Occupy yourself.  Listen and trust your own voice, not a voice outside you that is guiding you towards fear and lack.  Learn to nourish yourself in natural ways.   Be proactive, practice prevention, and be willing to make changes in your lifestyle.  Get adjusted so you have a clear connection to your inherent intelligence (aka your innate/ your lifeforce).   The solution does not reside outside you, it lies within.  Stand up and stand tall knowing that you are the difference.  Together we form the web of life and each strand is essential to the whole and together we are webbing a new collective.  It is such a splendid and dynamic time on the planet.  How exciting!

Until next time,
Daring you on to express yourself fully so you can be the best  you – you can be!
Be well,

Dr. Norm & his team

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  1. I completely agree with this! And I notice this in myself as well. One thing you said that really caught my attention was when you say "life is sacred and must be respected" . It is.. like you say.. mportant to know what we need internally and extermally... for example. I was stretching today and realized that I hadn't stretched my body out in ages.. and I don't mean a little sissy stretch.. I mean a good full out 'omg that felt great' kinda stretch... now in this new way of living where life is fast and never any time for anything I can understand where things like simple stretches can get neglected.. and I have quite. A few freinds that say they often don't stretch at all... but oh how important it is internally externally mentally physically and it clears opens and makes way for new areas of discovery and relaxation into the present and future...
    ...Maybe if all thouse big bank executives and buisness owners and such did some more stretches and internal loving they would be a little happier for themselves and nicer about how they treat people and companies and our planet... yeah.. I think so :) woo hoo gia.. I'm rooting for you!