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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Urban Farmers Under Attack For Growing Your Food! ~ The Beacon for December 1, 2010

by Dr. Norm Detillieux


Winter is here, a chance for us to cook up fall’s harvest and prepare to hunker down for the time ahead.  One of my favourite winter hearty and healthy dishes is butternut squash soup.  I have included for you an attachment of some of my favourite soup recipes.  Also I just came across a great one page handout outline the most important fruits and vegetables to be eating organically.  (of course top of the list is meat and dairy).  I have included this as an attachment as an easy to read printable handout that you can place on your fridge. 


Speaking about butternut squash, one of our favourite local farmers Dirk Becker is under attack for growing food for you.  Please read further as outlined by Chad Henderson, owner of The Green Store, who shares his vision for us to support the local farmers.  (Check out his store at 256 Wallace St and the grand opening this week as they too are doing their part to support the local farmers). 

Thanks everyone for doing your part.  Together we are the difference.

Join us in taking action to protect urban farmers!
by Chad Henderson

As most of you have probably read, Compassion Farm, producers of the squash we sell, has been told to cease and desist farming activities by the District of Lantzville. Farmers Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw have been told they are in contravention of bylaws that do not allow growing and selling produce from land not zoned agricultural. Yet this is how most market farmers exist. They have a home, and grow food on 2-5 acres. And many are simply residential properties.

The most recent update is that Lantzville, due to public reaction, has offered an extension to the order so that Council and the public can look at the bylaw to see if it needs amending.

Other cities and regions have similar bylaws. Should they receive a complaint, they could also issue a similar order.

We need more locally grown food, not less. We need the right to farm to exist on ANY property. The more the better. Farmers need all the support they can get to do the hard work they are willing to do for the rest of us.

We are calling on people to write to the District of Lantzville, City of Nanaimo and Regional District of Nanaimo, and write to the newspapers, calling for the right to farm!

For a detailed letter from Compassion Farm about the issues  CLICK HERE

Follow the campaign on Facebook.Find us on Facebook
Please cc: letters to

Visit the Green Store for more information on how you can help. Buy their Squash. Spread the Word! Tell your friends. URBAN & LOCAL FARM SUPPORTERS UNITE!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the organic food and the farm. Looking forward to checking it out.

    Also congrats on your new studio/office. It has really fine "feel" to it from the moment you drive up to the gate until the moment you leave.

    The adjustments you did for me this week made such a difference in my everyday life... Both Nicki and I are so grateful to have met you and experienced life changing results.

    Hugs from Dennis & Nicki